The server for ssh logins and personal web pages.

To request access, visit the shell access request.


Once you have shell access, you can login to the Linux command line on home.eckerd.edu using an ssh client, such as Putty.

Hostname: home.eckerd.edu

Your username: [username]@campus

You password: [the same you use for Email, Moodle, etc.]

Web Pages

You can create a folder named public_html in your home directory. Once you have placed files in this folder and set the permissions, they will be visible as web pages. The directory needs to be executable by "other" users and the files need to be readable. From the shell command line:

  • chmod a+x ~

  • chmod a+rx ~/public_html

  • chmod -R a+r ~/public_html

The path to your web page is http://home.eckerd.edu/~[username]@campus

For example: http://home.eckerd.edu/~moorewr@campus