New Application Vendor Process

ITS is responsible for maintaining and securing the computing resources at Eckerd College.  All technology purchases (hardware/software/services) must be submitted to ITS for pricing and purchase approval.  ITS will ensure proper discounts are applied and ensure that the items purchased are compatible with the campus environment. 

You can get started with this process by emailing ITS or opening a ticket - here's the information we need from your vendor.


The vendor should be able answer these questions:

More About These Requirements..


College services must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Eckerd College's Accessibility policy is here:

Privacy, Security, Data Retention

The vendor should be able to provide their publicly-posted privacy and security policies. We are obligated by state and federal law to protect personally identifying information and student records, and the vendor should be able to describe how it protects this data, who it shares it with, how long it retains it, and how it protects it against business interruptions.

In addition, they should be able to explain how they would respond to a documentation hold request in the case of litigation.

This is Eckerd College's Privacy Policy.  

Single Sign-On

ITS policy requires that we use SSO whenever it available because it is a security best practice and provides a superior user experience.

The vendor should be able to provide a list of supported SSO methods (SAML, InCommon Federation, OAuth, etc.) and configuration instructions for ITS to use during implementation.


The vendor should be able to describe where and how this application will run, and provide a Business Continuity plan in case of a natural disaster or other business-impacting event. Here are some ways applications are hosted:

Interface Requirements

What kind of data needs to be exchanged between this new application and other campus systems, such as Banner?