Instructional Technology

Eckerd instructional technology collaborates with ITS department, collegiums and faculty to enhance, design or redesign courses by integrating cutting-edge technology. Specialists work closely with faculty to achieve a balance of research-informed teaching and instructional design practices. The goal is to improve student mastery and motivation both inside and outside the classroom. The faculty at Eckerd College uses a wide variety of hardware and software technologies to deliver the academic program. While there are a number of tools that might be considered standard and used college-wide, faculty are creatively discovering tools and contributing to an ever-expanding portfolio of special purpose instructional technologies.

Moodle is the college standard for its learning management system. Moodle is a feature-rich, open source software system that all faculty use to supplement classroom instruction. The Moodle implementation here at Eckerd includes many add-on features that extend Moodle’s functionality. These include the gradebook, quiz, survey, wiki, gallery, forum, assignment, attendance tracker, and chat tools as well as links to online class surveys and classroom clicker interaction. Virtually all faculty use Moodle in some fashion even if only to post a syllabus.You may click to access the Instructional Technology website for help. Any help, you can

As standard equipment, all classrooms are equipped with a projector, screen, computer, and switching systems that allow the faculty to display either the classroom computer or a laptop. The switching systems in the James Center, BES, MPC, and ES classrooms are all state-of-the-art Crestron digital systems that can handle both digital and analog signals and have enhanced sound systems. Many classrooms also include an Apple TV that enables a wireless connection to the projector thus allowing the faculty to roam throughout the room without being tethered to the instructor station.

Eckerd is a Google Apps college. Faculty makes extensive use of the full suite of Google Apps including Email, Google Drive, Calendar, Google hang-outs, and Google Meet which permit face-to-face interaction outside of class with unlimited data storage. The college also has a site license for the Microsoft Office suite.

Many faculty members use classroom clickers to record student responses. Some are using class cams to project lab work, notes, or other close work. At least one microscope is equipped to project images. Interactive, touch screen boards are used in several locations.

The software portfolio in use by the faculty is substantial. Multiple statistical packages are used include SPSS (site license), SAS, R+ (open source), MatLab, Nvivo, and Stata. The college now has a site license for ArcGIS and use is expanding. Mathmatica is used for modeling and simulation. ChemBioDraw is a new tool being used by the Chemistry faculty. LanSchool lab management software is currently installed in labs. Faculty use EndNotes to support their writing and research, and use OnBase, an online document imaging system to access student records while working as mentors.

Software and Labs