Remote Desktop

If you are connecting to campus remotely, our remote desktop server is a convenient way to access the applications and network drives you'd expect to access on a campus workstation. You may also need to connect a particular workstation or server on campus to complete a task.

Before you can use remote desktop connections, you must install and start the OpenVPN Client. RDP File (Zipped - Download, Right click, and select extract)


  1. Click on the Start Menu

  2. Start typing Remote Desktop Connection and click on the icon that appears

  3. For "Computer," enter

  4. Click Connect

When prompted for a username, enter campus\[your username]


To set up Microsoft Remote Desktop:

  1. Download the free Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store. Requires an Apple ID

  2. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop, click the New icon (with the “plus” sign).

  3. Configure your new connection:

    • Connection Name: Eckerd Remote Desktop

    • PC Name:

To launch Remote Desktop:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop from your Application Folder

  2. Look for Eckerd Remote Desktop listed under My Desktops and double-click it

When prompted for a username, enter campus\[your username]

OpenVPN and Remote Desktop.mp4