Zoom to Google Meet Transition

What's changing:

Our campus license for ZOOM is going away on July 1, 2024.

What this means for you:

If you currently use Zoom to schedule and conduct online meetings, you will need to switch to Google Meet. Meet is available in your web browser and in apps on Android and iOS devices. You can start a new meeting by visiting meet.google.com, or schedule one using the "Add video conferencing" button in Google Calendar. 

Existing meetings with Zoom scheduled after July 1 will need to be revised or replaced with meetings that use Google Meet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Webinar Settings

You can fine tune what webinar participants can see and do. Participants set to View Only can't tell who else is attending the meeting.

Schedule your meeting and add video conferencing, then use the "Gear" icon to access your video call options. The Host Controls panel tells the meeting what you'll allow participants to do, and the "Guests" panel is where you can set the default behavior to "viewer by default" and assign any Co-Hosts or contributors.

If your attendees include people outside the organization, you may wish to choose the Open setting in Meeting Access. Otherwise, each outside attendee to the meeting will wait in the lobby until you approve them.