Phone System and Voicemail

ITS maintains the on campus phone system. The phone system provides local and long distance dialing. To dial an on campus number you only need to dial the 4 digit extension To dial an off campus number you must select 3 then the outgoing number you with to dial. For example, if you want to dial 770-760-XXXX you would dial 3-1-770-760-XXXX.

To dial internationally, dial 3 followed by 011 then the international number which includes the country code. For example 3-011-33-16030-6053 would connect you with Disney Land in Paris, France.

Phone Service Requests

If you need assistance or would like to request new services please email your information to or call the ITS Help Desk as (727-864-8318). Examples of service requests include:

    • Adding a new line

    • Changing Caller ID Information

    • Changing Directory Listing

    • Moving an extension to a new location

Access Voicemail Online

You can use the Phone Manager website to access your voicemail. You can also use this site to record your greeting and change your voicemail pin code.

You can access the site at the following URL. You will log in with the last 4 digits of your phone number (your extension) and the code you use to check your voicemail. If you can’t remember this information, please contact the ITS Help Desk (727-864-8318) or email us at

We have made a short intro/training video for this site that is located here:

Web Client Video

Access Voicemail Through Phone

From your office phone

    • Dial 7777

    • Enter your pass code

    • Listen to the instructions to play, save & delete your messages.

To retrieve your messages from off campus

    • Dial (727) 864-7777.

    • You will hear tones followed by instructions

    • Enter # then your 4 digit phone extension number at any time.

    • Enter your pass code / security code when prompted.

    • You will be at the main menu of the voicemail system with the same prompts and selections as if you were in the office.

Forwarding your campus phone to your cell phone (or other off campus number)

From your office phone

    • Lift the handset or press the Speaker key

    • Press CFWD (also labeled as FDA) or dial *7

    • You will hear broken dial tone and the display will show FORWARD

    • Enter the number as you would dial it, If your cell phone number is 770-760-1234 enter 3-1-770-760-1234.

    • You will hear confirmation tone, Display will show Forward Set

    • We suggest you test by calling your office number to confirm that you have entered the number correctly to ring your cellular number.

    • To cancel lift handset and press CFWD or dial #7

    • Changes must be made from the telephone, If you need the forwarding changed or cancelled and you are not on site you must contact or call the Help Desk at 727-864-8318.

Eckerd Voicemail Quick Reference.pdf