Course Aliases

Course Aliases/Groups

Course aliases are Google Groups as an e-mail address for the instructor and students in a course. These follow the format [Subject][Course Number]-[Section]-[term][calendar year], for example:

This fields can be found when you browse classes on To breakdown the example"

  • Subject: AN

  • Course Number: 201G

  • Section: 1 - This will show with leading zeros when browsing classes

  • term: FA, SP, SU for Fall, Spring and Summer and the calendar year

Note: Courses before Spring '22 (Term 202120) do not have the year in the name (ex.: an201g-1-fa)

ITS generates the following types of e-mail aliases from Banner for each Term:

  • course

  • class year

  • collegium

  • major

  • mentor

  • housing

Class Year

All the students classified by class year: frosh, sophomores, juniors,

and In addition you can reach the entire student

body with <>, and all of campus for general-interest

events using <>.

In addition, we generate the group for all participants in Autumn Term.


All the students, divided by which Collegium their major falls under.

The name is [collegium]_students, for example:



All students who have declared a given major. In addition, this is

broken down my class year. The formats are [major name, with spaces

replaced by underscores]_major and [major name, with spaces

replaced by underscores]_[classyear], for example:

<> and <>


All the students mentored by a given faculty member. The format is

[faculty-email]_mentees, for example (if Walter Moore were a mentor):



Aliases for each House and Complex, following the formats [house

name]_house and [complex name]_complex, for

example: <> and <>


Nu and Omega do not have House aliases. Omega has floor aliases through Nu has section aliases through

Your groups will appear and can be managed in your list on your Google Groups home page: